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Nov. 12th – 16th 2017
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  1. Team registration

    Each team must be registered


    Tue. Nov 14th, 6.00pm CET

  2. Project submission

    Each team must submit a project


    Wed. Nov 15th, 11.59am CET

challenge areas
Each team must choose one of the challenge areas:
  1. Identification & Tracking of Emissions

    Develop ideas that capture emissions at source through IoT sensors, or in the supply chain, Enable an international carbon inventory, and trading in certificates or actual emission tons. , Can we build a system that uniquely identifies all global emissions? Check out our use case
    Example: Carbon Cockpit

  2. Carbon Pricing

    Leverage DLT to price carbon, incl. with tax/dividend schemes as well as with marked-based mechanisms. Devise solutions to internally price carbon, for public and private organisations. Can we devise a global P2P exchange of carbon assets (i.e. liabilities)? Can DLT bring an efficient solutions for existing UN schemes promoting voluntary efforts?
    Example: Market-Chain

  3. Distributed Energy

    If we want to solve climate change, we need to solve energy. Develop new market models to improve energy market models and load management. Think bottom-up, think no central authority/utility, think about developed & developing countries
    Example: Selber

  4. Sustainable Land Use

    Land use, as energy, is a major source of emissions. Can we use DLT to register/account for land use or enable financing of sustainable land use? How can illegal land use be identified in an efficient and automated way? Can, what is applied to forest and agriculture, also be applied to oceans? Does DLT, in connection with IoT, have a role to play regarding sustainable buildings?
    Example: REDD-Chain

  5. Sustainable Transport

    Besides energy and land use, it’s transport that still causes major emissions. How could we use DLT to improve private and as public transport? What can be done in mobility, what in logistics?
    Example: LET-Chain

  6. Anything goes

    Do you have other ideas on how to use DLT could address climate change? This is your challenge then – you are free to choose any topic you think is relevant and meaningful. Stay on the ground and propose only what you think is realistic and will have an impact. In the light of urgency for #ClimateAction, we are not interested in pie-in-the-sky solutions, but rather those that can be implemented and work.

your staff at H4C
Please ask the staff if you have any questions
  1. Tech Support

    Helping with Wifi


    Slack: @Bojan

  2. Tech Support

    Helping with Data


    Slack: @Loïc Schülé

  3. Submission Support

    Helping with Forms


    Slack: @klausfuchs

  4. Idea Support

    Helping with Ideation


    Slack: @js

  5. Program

    Helping with Programs


    Slack: @Anna