COP24: We will be present in Katowice from 9th to 14th December 2018   - - -   WE ARE EXCITED to see you in Katowice and to #Hack4Climate together with you!

#Hack4Climate, the innovation program for exponential #ClimateAction.

What is #Hack4Climate

Innovation program for exponential #ClimateAction
#Hack4Climate is a 5-year innovation program (2019-2022) designed to accelerate disruptive and tangible climate solutions at scale. Given the significance of the climate-task ahead and the limited time left, the H4C logic is simple: Only with far reaching, ‘disruptive’ innovation will Paris climate targets be achieved.

Distributed Ledgers, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence
H4C’s mission is to maximise its climate action impact through regulatory and technological innovation. The focus of H4C is at the intersection of climate and three key disruptive technologies: Internet of Things (IoT), Distributed Ledgers (DLT, ‘Blockchain’), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). H4C is provider-/technology-neutral.

World wide community
At the core of the program is the H4C community. With its climate focus, H4C can mobilise leading developer-talent globally for projects with purpose. Its official UNFCCC and Connect4Climate/World Bank partnerships represent important differentiators in terms of network and knowhow. With the high-profile COP event, it attracts attention and raises awareness in the climate and technology communities as well as engages leading public and private sector partners (for updates, pilots, co-investments, etc).

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#Hack4Climate is part of the United Nation's Climate Change Conference COP24 in Katowice. Here are some facts:
  1. 20,000NUMBER OF DELEGATES AT COP24international delegates, e.g. high-level government, NGO, university, business representatives
  2. 200COUNTRIES REPRESENTED AT COP24from A..Afghanistan to Z..Zimbabwe

Meet the team 

The team behind #Hack4Climate is excited to meet you soon!
If you want to join us as a team member or volunteer, let us know!
  1. Nick Beglinger

    Project Lead

    CEO of Cleantech21, Initiator #Hack4Climate
    long-term climate expert

  2. Alexandre Gellert Paris

    UN Representative

    Associate Programme Officer of
    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat

  3. Kaspar Gertsch

    Core Team Member

    COP24 Event organiser

  4. Loïc Schülé

    Core Team Member

    COP24 Event organiser

  5. Angelika Tews

    Runner, Support

    Event Support Team

  6. Thomas Chrometzka

    GIZ, Director Renewables, South East Asia

    Expert helping your idea through feedback

  7. Cao Yin

    CSS, Energy-Blockchain Labs


#Hack4Climate is a CO2-neutral event

Become a partner

#Hack4Climate offers two affiliate programs – one directed to innovation partners (firms, NGOs, foundations), the other to impact partners (impact investors, incl. individuals, funds, family offices). Here are 3 reasons to become a partner:

Impact investment
Addressing the world’s key challenge with disruptive technologies and as part of a modern, open-innovation format based on co-creation, represents both a meaningful climate engagement as well as a sound impact investment case.

Unique combination
With its unique track and formal partnerships, H4C has the potential to develop into one of the most relevant innovation acceleration initiatives in the climate space. The combination of its leading-edge community of developers, policy access, and the industry knowhow of its partners/affiliates, bears strong potential for tangible and scalable climate action

Direct benefits
Partners benefit from their H4C participation through (1) learning from interaction with the ideation/prototyping process, (2) access to human resources (intrinsically motivated, top global talent pool), (3) quality PR exposure (during COP events as well as partner events, press, and continually in the community), and (4) tangible CSR/impact (interesting and relevant climate action). H4C partners can actively contribute to the definition of challenges, participate in COP events (including facetime with developers), and are offered first cooperation and participation rights as part of the H4C accelerator.

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Extra information 

    • H4C was initiated by the Zurich-based Cleantech21 Foundation (C21, 10y track record) in early 2018 following two years of research and capacity building activities.

    • It is based on the success of a series of preparatory workshops (held in 17 technology centres on 6 continents in mid 2017) and the first ever hackathon taking place at a COP climate conference (COP23 in Bonn 11/2017, see the after-movie).

    • Following the first pilot at COP23, #Hack4Climate will do a second at COP24 in Katowice.

    • The five-year program turn starts in Q1 2019. Following this, #Hack4Climate is envisaged to develop into a self-sovereign community. For program finance and towards building the community, #Hack4Climate will do an impact security token offering. Token holders co-own program stakes in accelerator ventures as well as first investment and community voting rights.

    • The H4C program consists of three main tracks:
      (1) Challenge Definition (clearly specifying on what to innovate)
      (2) COP Event (a yearly anchor event held during COP climate conferences), and
      (3) Use Case Accelerator (selecting and supporting the best teams/challenges to become tangible use cases as part of an 18-months program).

    • In combination, the three tracks represent a highly effective, open innovation approach, optimising participant-reach and development-depth, as well as involving different partners.

    • H4C is designed to identify and scale disruptive solutions for climate, addressing 100 challenges (20 yearly) and 50 use cases (10 yearly) as part of its 5-year program.

    • A lean operational team maintains on- and off-line cooperation infrastructure and links the industry and policy knowhow of partners with the H4C community.

    • #Hack4Climate defines engagement priority areas representing the highest potential impact domains.

    • This focus is set in cooperation with its partners Climate-KIC, WWF, FutureEarth, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and Mission2020 - based on partners’ existing analysis on key climate challenges.

    • Specific challenges are formulated between the community and corporate, academic and public sector partners within the engagement priority areas. In this dynamic process with rapid feedback loops, community members can provide input and share their global project experience for a particular challenge posted to the community. Challenges are thereby refined and then selected for inclusion in the yearly hackathon.

    • H4C anticipates approx. 50% of challenges to be community-developed (with active partner engagement), and 50% of challenges and use cases to be sourced from external submissions.

    • Actively developed and submitted challenges and use cases are selected based on an analysis matrix consisting of (1) scalability (climate/emission impact, operational model), (2) role/gap analysis (other players, inter-provider role), (3) regulatory feasibility, and (4) technical feasibility.

Let's get in Contact 

You want to become a partner? Have any questions about collaboration or anything else? please contact us

Hack4Climate Organization Team

/CO Cleantech21 (C21)

Reitergasse 11

CH-8004 Zürich, Switzerland