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Apply with your idea on how to use the Blockchain to fight climate change!

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blockchain & climate 
Hack4Climate aims to bring together Developers and Climate Experts
in order to build innovative solutions to fight climate change

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)
Decentralized mechanisms enable new ways to store and share information in a trusted way.

Fight Climate Change with Data
We aim to prototype ideas that leverage Blockchain & DLT to fight climate change – to mitigate climate change, improve adaptation, and increase climate finance!

Innovative Prototypes and Apps
Build your idea and solution at Hack4Climate and help to transform our society and fight climate change today!

Join our fight against climate change & relevant documents here:
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our challenges 
There will be six challenges at Hack4Climate:
  1. Identification & Tracking of Emissions

    Develop ideas that capture emissions at source through IoT sensors, or in the supply chain, Enable an international carbon inventory, and trading in certificates or actual emission tons. , Can we build a system that uniquely identifies all global emissions? Check out our use case
    Example: Carbon Cockpit

  2. Carbon Pricing

    Leverage DLT to price carbon, incl. with tax/dividend schemes as well as with marked-based mechanisms. Devise solutions to internally price carbon, for public and private organisations. Can we devise a global P2P exchange of carbon assets (i.e. liabilities)? Can DLT bring an efficient solutions for existing UN schemes promoting voluntary efforts?
    Example: Market-Chain

  3. Distributed Energy

    If we want to solve climate change, we need to solve energy. Develop new market models to improve energy market models and load management. Think bottom-up, think no central authority/utility, think about developed & developing countries
    Example: Selber

  4. Sustainable Land Use

    Land use, as energy, is a major source of emissions. Can we use DLT to register/account for land use or enable financing of sustainable land use? How can illegal land use be identified in an efficient and automated way? Can, what is applied to forest and agriculture, also be applied to oceans? Does DLT, in connection with IoT, have a role to play regarding sustainable buildings?
    Example: REDD-Chain

  5. Sustainable Transport

    Besides energy and land use, it’s transport that still causes major emissions. How could we use DLT to improve private and as public transport? What can be done in mobility, what in logistics?
    Example: LET-Chain

  6. Anything goes

    Do you have other ideas on how to use DLT could address climate change? This is your challenge then – you are free to choose any topic you think is relevant and meaningful. Stay on the ground and propose only what you think is realistic and will have an impact. In the light of urgency for #ClimateAction, we are not interested in pie-in-the-sky solutions, but rather those that can be implemented and work.

NEWS Welcome Developers and Experts!   - - -   WE ARE EXCITED to see you in Bonn and to hack4climate together with you!
Hackathon Facts 
Hack4Climate is part of the United Nation's Climate Change Conference COP23 in Bonn. Here are some facts:
  1. 20,000NUMBER OF DELEGATES AT COP23international delegates, e.g. high-level government, NGO, university, business representatives
  2. 200COUNTRIES REPRESENTED AT COP23from A..Afghanistan to Z..Zimbabwe
  3. 100HACK4CLIMATE PARTICIPANTSYou and 99 new friends from all over the world
Hack4Climate partners 

Hack4Climate is brought to you with the help of partners and sponsors.
In the name of the organizers and participants we want to thank all partners for their commitment.

become a sponsor 

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meet the team 
The team behind Hack4Climate is excited to meet you soon!
If you want to join us as a team member or volunteer, let us know!
  1. Nick Beglinger

    Project Lead

    CEO of Cleantech21, Initiator Hack4Climate
    long-term climate expert

  2. Massamba Thioye

    UN Representative

    Manager Regulatory Development Unit (RDU) of Sustainable Development Mechanisms (SDM)
    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat

  3. Alexandre Gellert Paris

    UN Representative

    Associate Programme Officer of
    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat

  4. Michael Casey

    MIT Media Lab, Digital Currency Initiative

    Expert/Moderator & Jury Member

  5. Dominik Schiener

    IOTA Foundation, Jury

    Project Mentor and Jury Member, helping your idea through feedback

  6. Justus Spengler

    Founder of Rockstar Recruiting

    H4C Applications &
    Hackathon enthusiast

  7. Klaus Fuchs

    Cofounder Rockstar Recruiting

    Hackathon enthusiast,
    responsible for technology

  8. Fabian Vogelsteller

    Ethereum and Mist Developer

    Expert/Moderator & Jury Member, helping your idea through feedback

  9. Cao Yin

    CSS, Energy-Blockchain Labs

    Expert/Moderator & Jury Member

  10. André Wolke

    Validity Labs

    Expert/Moderator & Jury Member

  11. Niels Rot

    Impact Hub

    Outreach Coordinator

  12. Kaspar Gertsch

    CLI Call-out Team Member

    Pre-workshop Coordinator

  13. Loïc Schülé

    CLI Call-out Team Member

    Pre-workshop Coordinator

  14. Thomas Chrometzka

    GIZ, Director Renewables, South East Asia

    Expert/Moderator & Jury Member, helping your idea through feedback

  15. Alexey Shadrin

    Founder and CEO Russian Carbon Fund, Co-founder DAO IPCI

    Expert & Jury Member

  16. Taiyang Zhang

    Bio: CEO of Dappbase, high-performance infrastructure & libraries for Ethereum development

    Hack expert & supporter

  17. Angelika Tews

    GIZ, Support

    Event Support Team

  18. Xiaochen Zhang

    Fintech4Good, President

    Expert/Moderator & Jury Member, helping your idea through feedback

  19. Michael Bützer

    Former Deputy Director, Association Swiss Communes

    Engagement Coordinator

  20. Bojan Martin


    Engagement Coordinator

  21. Anna Hadorn

    Head of Social Media

    Anna is responsible for the social media channels of Hack4Climate

Hack4Climate is a CO2-neutral event

  1. Hack4Climate is a 4-day Climate/Blockchain hackathon event. Its objective is to mobilise the Blockchain/DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) community for#ClimateAction, assuring that the Paris Climate Agreement is successfully implemented. Hack4Climate is held with the support of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat in Bonn, Germany - during the COP23 climate conference in November 2017. It is financed by public and private sponsors, and organised as part of the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI), an international, multi-stakeholder initiative at the intersection of climate and DLT. For further info, see theFactsheet.

  2. Climate is the world’s most significant challenge. DLT represents one of the world’s most high-potential technologies. Specifically, a dedicated innovation focus is needed because: 1) The innovation potential at the climate/blockchain intersection is substantial; 2) There has been few connections between the climate and blockchain communities thus far, 3)#ClimateAction is very urgent - a dedicated initiative can accelerate the convening of stakeholders and facilitate the development of practicable solutions in the light of regulatory frameworks and international conventions. For further info, see theFactsheet.

  3. Hack4Climate will take place in Bonn, 12.-16. November 2017. It is held in parallel to the UN COP23 climate change conference (bringing together some 30’000 high-level government, NGO, university and business representatives). Media and side events will tie the two together. Hack4Climate will be the first ever COP-linked hackathon. For further info, see theFactsheet.

  4. We are convinced that participants will have a highly engaged and unique experience during their 4 days in Bonn (seeFactsheet). Hack4Climate itself is structured in a 6h hack-up and a full 24h session. Before, after and between the two hacks, participants enjoy speeches by climate and blockchain experts, experience unique parts of Bonn, and an exciting excursion. There are a few nice receptions & dinners, and above all, there is lots of quality time to learn, make a difference and forge new links. For further info, see theFactsheet.

  5. Hack4Climate runs an application process for interested individuals, who may group to teams prior or during the event. Target participants have relevant DLT skills and genuinely want to make a climate contribution. Hack4Climate accepts applications from anywhere in the world. A total of 100 participants will be invited to Bonn, and others will have the opportunity to engage online. For further info, see theFactsheet.

  6. Yes. Hack4Climate includes a half-day preparatory workshop in the second week of September 2017. It is held physically in a number of regional centres around the globe, and is distributed online. The workshops shall convene interested potential participants and provide them with a climate download as well as an opportunity to interact with other applicants, exchange ideas and ask questions. In time with the workshops, background information and links to quality data sources will be made available. For further info, see theFactsheet.

  7. The main challenge to address is how to contribute to#ClimateAction compatible with the Paris Climate Agreement. Specifically, Hack4Climate will feature 5 challenge focus areas and 1 where ‘anything goes’, as detailed in theFactsheet. Each area will have dedicated sponsors, who contribute data and knowhow. For each focus area, also one use case is presented. Teams then choose one focus area for their project. This may be for the presented use case, or for a completely new idea. For further info, see theFactsheet.

  8. Hack4Climate is organised as part of the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI), which has the objective to foster innovation at the blockchain climate intersection. CLI offers a research fund and an innovation fund. Hack4Climate is a CLI ‘Call-out’ activity, which shall actively convene climate and blockchain community members who see the potential and want to contribute. CLI has partnered withUNFCCC to hold Hack4Climate in parallel to the COP23 climate conference in Bonn, and it mandated the Zurich based not-for-profit foundationCleantech 21 for project management. For the event, Cleantech21 cooperates with theImpact Hub Network. Collectively the team has organised well over 100 high profile events, among which some 40 hackathons. For further info, seeFactsheet.



If you have any questions about application, sponsorship or anything else, please contact us

Hack4Climate Organization Team

/CO Cleantech21 (C21)

Reitergasse 11

CH-8004 Zürich, Switzerland

Click here, if you want to apply as a developer or have an interest to become a sponsor.

event location 

Campus der Vereinten Nationen

Hermann-Ehlers-Straße 18

53113 Bonn